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What a Valentines Day Gifts: Trumpet Music Room Decor Gifts

Musicis one of the most fundamental pleasures of the human Soul. The unique meeting of sound or imagination is called music. And music is mostly a madness and deepening of the soul. There is a part of the voice that deepens the human and leads to philosophical thought. Because our voices, the emphasis, and differences we create while using the sound naturally create a piece of music. Music also means creating a story. Love's, nature's, life's and everything has music. Humanity has music and rhythm. Based on the rhythm and the story of  man, this artwork is a unique Home Decoration object for Music Gifts and Music Decor. This Trumpet portrays a Trumpet artist. This Music Ornament creates an emotional deepening in the space and gives the space vitality and identity. You can use this Music Decor in your living room, bedroom or study room.It is specially designed for Valentine's Day. In this sense, it has a monumental and symbolic character for Valentines Day Giftsinspired by Music Trumpet. Now, Happy Valentines Day.

Color: Brown
Material: Metal-Iron
Product size: 9 X 15 X 34cm.
Package size: 11 X 11 X 37cm.
Product weight: 345g.
Package weight: 650g.

Package List
1 * Valentines Day Gift for with Trumpet